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The Weight-Loss Clicker is a proven tool for enhancing any users weight loss capability. Track any aspect of any weight loss program.Great for the beginner or fit enthusiast .

"With my Click Bracelet I got quick results; staying on my diet has never been easier. I used to try to keep track of my carbs with a pen and paper and then would forget the paper at work or somewhere else. Now I never have to guess at how many carbs I have left for the day! I also love being able to track my water intake!"

Angela Barett, Telecom Office Worker - Clifton, NJ
"I've been on the weight watcher program several times. One of the problems I've always had was keeping track of the points. I work full time as a kindergarten teacher, am a pastor's wife, and have four children, so I'm constantly on the run. The Clicker enables me to immediately subtract the points as I use them, knowing when I get to zero, I'm done for the day."

Luann Fritzky, Kindergarten Teacher - Washington, NJ
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When ever I reach a plateau, I break from my weight loss plan for a few hours, or even a day. This seems to help jump start my metabolism, and get the scale moving again. The trick is to make absolutely sure I get right back on my plan the very next day.

Chrissy King, New York