Q:  On which type of weight loss plan can I use the “Cal-Carb Clicker”

A:  The “Cal-Carb Clicker” can be used with any diet that utilizes counting.

Q:  How do I use the Cal-Carb Clicker?

A:  Simple, the CCC is fun 'n easy to use!  Just set the top windows to your food allowance for the day, (whether it be calories, carbs, points, blocks, etc.) 

Through out the day, every time you eat just "click-in" on the top window.  When those numbers reach zero - you're done for the day!

Use the bottom window to keep track of the water you drink!

Q:  How do I set, and then reset my Cal-Carb Clicker for each new day?

A:  The standard CCC comes with a customized reset function. You determine the number you choose for reset.

The designer version CCC comes with a factory reset of 30. Again, all of this is explained in the instructions.

Q:  Is the “Cal-Carb Clicker” for weight loss only, or can it be used for maintenance?

A: The digital configuration within the “Clicker’ has been designed to be used in both weight loss plans and maintenance.

Q: To what do I attach the Cal-Carb Clicker?

A:  It easily attaches to a belt loop, belt buckle, hand bag, or you can even use it as a key ring.

Q:  Does the “Cal-Carb Clicker” come with a weight loss plan?

A:  Although we do not give you a specific plan, or even make nutritional suggestions, the “Cal-Carb Clicker’ comes with complete instructions and tips which will help to assure your success.

Q:  How much does the “Cal-Carb Clicker” cost?

A:  The standard version of the Cal-Carb Clicker is only $19.95 plus shipping and handling.  The designer version is only $22.95 plus shipping and handling.

"With my Click Bracelet I got quick results; staying on my diet has never been easier. I used to try to keep track of my carbs with a pen and paper and then would forget the paper at work or somewhere else. Now I never have to guess at how many carbs I have left for the day! I also love being able to track my water intake!"

Angela Barett, Telecom Office Worker - Clifton, NJ
"I've been on the weight watcher program several times. One of the problems I've always had was keeping track of the points. I work full time as a kindergarten teacher, am a pastor's wife, and have four children, so I'm constantly on the run. The Clicker enables me to immediately subtract the points as I use them, knowing when I get to zero, I'm done for the day."

Luann Fritzky, Kindergarten Teacher - Washington, NJ
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When ever I reach a plateau, I break from my weight loss plan for a few hours, or even a day. This seems to help jump start my metabolism, and get the scale moving again. The trick is to make absolutely sure I get right back on my plan the very next day.

Chrissy King, New York